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Program Liaisons 2013-2014

To contact your program liaison via email, please click on his or her name. If you can't find your program or course, please contact Sara Huntington @ ext. 6643.

Huntington, Sara

LIB 3409, ext 6643

Coordinated Studies Programs
  • Animal Behavior and Zoology
  • Anthrozoology
  • Applied Biology and Chemistry
  • Botany: Plants and People
  • Can Science Help Me?...To Be Better?
  • Botany Plants and People
  • Earth Matters: Geology and Chemistry
  • Evolution and Ethics
  • Extinction - the Closing Door
  • Fiction Laboratory
  • Fictive Certainties
  • Field Plant Taxonomy
  • From the Fire: The Art and Science of Ceramics
  • Introduction to Natural Science
  • Marine Life: Marine Organisms and Their Environments
  • Mathematical Systems
  • Matter and Motion
  • Mindfulness Psychology: Contemplative Clinical Science
  • Positive Psychology (A)
  • Positive Psychology (B)
  • Riparian Environments: Form and Function
  • River Reciprocity
  • Skin

McMillin, Paul

LIB 3413, ext 6167

Coordinated Studies Programs 
  • Adventure Travel & Eco-Tourism
  • Alternative to Capitalist Globalization
  • Andean Roots: Language and Cultural Landscape
  • Creating Dangerously
  • Education and Empowerment
  • Genes and Evolution
  • Imperialism
  • Japan Today: Studies of Japanese History, Literature, Cinema...
  • Language Counts
  • Madness and Creativity
  • Music and Consciousness
  • Music, Mind and Motion
  • Political Economy of Public Education
  • Quantitative Research Design and Data Analysis
  • The Formation of the North American State
  • The Making of Global Capitalism, 1500-1914
  • The Nature and Evolution of Human Psychology
  • The Science Behind the Headlines: What's the Truth?

Rognas, Liza

LIB 3415, ext 5851

Coordinated Studies Programs
  • A Sense of Wonder
  • Activism, Advocacy and Citizenship
  • Advanced Research in Environmental Studies
  • Againist All Odds: The Black Woman's Experience
  • Arts and the Child: Early Childhood
  • Arts and the Child: Elementary School
  • Bella Bella or Bust
  • Building Reselient Communities
  • China: Business, Economy, Society, Sustainability
  • Clinical Psychology: The Scientist-Practitioner Model
  • Community Based Research - Social and Environmental Justice
  • Conquest East, Conquest West
  • Cons, Swindlers, & Cheats
  • Culture as History
  • Ecological Agriculture - The Science and Policy of Food Systems
  • Fire and Water
  • Green Materials: Arts, Science and Construction
  • Green Materials: Craft and Construction
  • Group Development: Bringing Systems Thinking to the Task
  • Health Inequity
  • Ireland in History and Memory
  • Law and Outlaw: Personal Identity and Social Control
  • Nikkei in the Pacific Northwest
  • Ocean Life and Environmental Policy
  • PLE Document Writing
  • Practice of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Reading Landscapes
  • Re-Imagining the Body
  • So You Want to Be a Psychologist?
  • The Challenges of Aging
  • The Pillars of Health, Ancient and Modern
  • Turning Eastward: Explorations in East-West Psychology
  • Who's Got What? Political Economy... 

Towles, Stokley

LIB 3411, ext 6970

Coordinated Studies Programs
  • American Families: Historical and Sociological Perspectives
  • American Frontiers, Homelands, and Empire
  • Business of Art: Earning a Living as an Artist
  • Consuming Cultures
  • Gateways: Popular Education
  • Human Rights and Wrongs: Literature, Film, Theory
  • Modernity and its Discontents
  • Narrative Objects
  • Narrative Strategies
  • Nonfiction Media: Animation, Documentary and Experimental Approaches...
  • Northwest Developments: Land Use, Economics, and the Politics of Growth
  • On the Greyness of Blackness
  • Shame and its Neighbors
  • Still/Moving
  • The Epic and the Everyday
  • The Practice of Writing