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The Daniel J. Evans Library

Faculty & Staff Directory



Phone no. and Office Location

Berman, Raoul Electronic Media, Media Production Engineer

x6418, LIB 1513

Brewer, Nancy Interlibrary Loan

x6259, LIB 2402

Brewster, Stacey Serials & Subscriptions

x6255, LIB 3409

Cramton, Dave Electronic Media, Video Producer

x5505, LIB 1509

Crowley, Lin Media Loan Operation Manager

x6239, LIB 2504

Davis, Steve Photo Services Area Coordinator

x6263, LIB 1310

DeHaas, Jenny Research Services Manager

x6487, LIB 2308

Douglass, Julie Administration, Assistant to the Dean

x6242, LIB 3510

Eickholt, Jean Administration, Fiscal Specialist

x6244, LIB 3500

Fenske, Jean Circulation, Summit Requests & Film Reservations

x6580, LIB 2300

Finch, Mary Technical Services, Processing

x5217, LIB 2416

Fisher, Jane Head of Sound and Image Library (SAIL)

x6087, LIB 3304

Ford, Kathryn Electronic Media, Seminar II Media Technician

x5517, SEM II D2102

Francis, Miko Head of Interlibrary Loan

x6499, LIB 2402

Gallo, Angela Head of Media Patron Services

x6645, LIB 2504

Heisel, Andrea Associate Dean of Library Operations

x6288, LIB 3510

Huntington, Sara Library Faculty: Science, Rhetoric

x6643, LIB 3423

Johns, Susan Technical Services, Processing and Acquisitions

x5218, LIB 2412

Kruse, Aaron Electronic Media, Multimedia Lab Coordinator

x6842, LIB 1521

Lentz, Hugh Photo Services, Head of Instructional Photography

x6313, LIB 1310

Markus, Tim Head of Cataloging

x6124, LIB 2410

McMillin, Paul Library Faculty: Social Sciences, Digital Media

x6167, LIB 3413

Mock, Jason Circulation, Recalls and Billing

x6580, LIB 2300

Muzatko, Mindy Head of Circulation

x6581, LIB 2303

Randlette, Peter Head of Electronic Media

x6279, LIB 1403

Richardson, Ryan Photo Services, Photo Lab Manager

x5039, LIB 1305

Rognas, Liza Library Faculty: Social Sciences, Environmental Science

x5851, LIB 3415

Rosen, Jena Circulation, Course Reserves

x6580, LIB 2300

Smith, Alonna Media Tech Supervisor

x6251, LIB 2512

Stilson, Randy Stilson Special Collections; Evergreen Records Manager

x6126, LIB 0426

Swelland, Shelley Head of Acquisitions

x6127, LIB 2408

Towles, Stokley Library Faculty: Performance Art, Municipal Systems

x6970, LIB 3411

Trimble, Lorri Head of Processing

x6088, LIB 2420

Unsel, Jules Library Faculty: American Studies, Digital Media

x5496, LIB 3425

Vergara, Zenaida Electronic Media, Media Support Technician

x5277, LIB 1511

Valera, Melanie Instructional and Classroom Support Technician

x6339, LIB 2508

Wippich, Joel Circulation, Operations/Stacks Supervisor

x6580, LIB 2300