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Going Mobile with Databases

Mobile devices include smartphones and tablets.

For help, email us here or give us a call at 360-867-6255.

This first group of databases has websites adapted to mobile devices. These are available through your device's web browser.

Simply navigate to this page with your mobile device's browser, click on the database titles and bookmark them. It's easiest to do this on campus, as you won't be asked to authenticate first. When on campus, you will go straight to the database. When off campus, you will need to authenticate with your name and campus ID - Summit, and WorldCat do not require authentication. For those that need authentication, off campus access is only available to students, staff and faculty of The Evergreen State College.

Alexander Street Literature






Jstor's has the least functionality of all those listed. Click here to read the Q & A to learn about it’s limits. is also available as a free app. No setup is required.

With this next batch of databases, you will need to download the App from a store (they're free). These will only work for students, staff and faculty of the college. The Ebscohost app gives you access to about 20 of our databases, which are listed under settings and can be selected/deselected.

Ebrary installation instructions

Ebscohost installation instruction

ScienceDirect installation instructions