Records Retention Schedules


Current TESC Records Schedules
(under review)

Washington State General Retention Schedules

You may use the General State Retention Schedules to obtain the Records Disposition Authority Number by matching the description to the records series you are scheduling. If you are scheduling a series that is unique to your office (not included in the General Retention Schedules), then you may use the schedules below to determin a retention period for your series but you must revise the TESC schedule specific to your office before using the Disposition Authority Number (DAN) which will be assigned. Contact the Records Manager to get your unique schedules updated or added to the Current TESC Records Schedules. Once the TESC Records Schedules have been updated for your office you may use them exclusively since they will reflect both the unique and General Retention Schedule DAN's.

Other Washington State General Schedules for specific agency types - (see IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW)

Use these to help create revised descriptions for records series not included in the State General Retention Schedules.


General Schedule for Community Colleges

The General Schedule for Community Colleges, along with the links above are especially applicable for use in checking for series descriptions and retention periods for academic records series in the Records Schedules revision process. Offices may use the descriptions and retention schedules from these sources in the revision. Please contact the Records Management office at 6126 for guidance when revising the schedules for your office.

The disposition authority numbers (DAN) from these sources cannot be used for TESC records but the titles and descriptions can, as can the retention periods, to develop a DAN request for similar series. Note that all revisions to TESC schedules must be approved by the Washington State Records Committee before they can be used.