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Research Services

Faculty & Staff

Five faculty Research Services librarians and one professional staff member collaborate to provide research services to library users, contribute research instruction and support to the college curriculum, supervise library student workers and interns, and manage ongoing and special administrative projects within the library. Faculty reference librarians serve as area selectors in Science, Social Science, Digital Media, Rhetoric, American Studies, and the Humanities. Library faculty also rotate out of the Library to teach periodically in the full time coordinated studies curriculum.

Research Services

The Research Services team treats each reference interview as an opportunity for college level teaching and dynamic faculty-student engagement. We staff the reference desk for almost all of the library's open hours with a member of the faculty and highly trained members of the staff. We use every moment as a "teachable moment."

Research Instruction and Support

For current faculty and students, Contact A Librarian for specific information.

Faculty Rotation

A faculty exchange program between the library and the academic curriculum provides opportunities for faculty librarians to leave their library duties periodically to join faculty teams teaching in full time coordinated studies programs.  This rotation is exchanged each year within the academic division, so that one member of the regular faculty rotates into the library to fill the role of a faculty librarian as a professional development opportunity.

Reference Contact Directory

DeHaas, Jenny Research Services Manager

x6487, LIB 2308

Huntington, Sara Science, Rhetoric

x6643, LIB 3423

McMillin, Paul Social Sciences, Critical Information Studies, Digital Media

x6167, LIB 3413

Rognas, Liza Social Sciences, Environmental Science; Tacoma Program

x5851, LIB 3415

Stilson, Randy Research Methods, Book Arts; Archives & Special Collections

x6126, LIB 0426

Towles, Stokley Performance Art, Municipal Systems

x6970, LIB 3411

Unsel, Jules American Studies, Digital Media

x5496, LIB 3425