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Sound and Image Library

General Information

The mission of the Sound and Image Library (SAIL) is to provide access to educational materials such as films, videos, DVDs, slides, digital materials, music, audio books, language CDs, and spoken word recordings for academic related projects and assignments and general community use. We provide audio and visual equipment and computers to allow access to these materials in formats that compliment  teaching needs as well as student learning styles.

All the stations and equipment in the SAIL media access center have headsets and basic information sheets that explain how to use the equipment. The big group viewing area has three pairs of wireless headsets. If you need a headset for computer use outside of the SAIL area, you may check them out from the Circulation desk. Should all the viewing stations be in use, check with the Circulation desk to see if you can reserve or use either of the media rooms, 3410 or 3416 on the 3rd floor. These rooms are large enough to handle a small group and have chairs and couches. The rooms have a flat screen TV and DVD players. When we are busy, you may be asked to limit your activities so other folks can get their work done. Please ask SAIL staff to help with troubleshooting problems. 


SAIL has a number of stations that allow patrons to listen or watch materials as well as change formats of materials to enhance usability within academic assignments or projects. Basic stations include;

  • 2 individual audio listening stations with audio cassette players, CD players, LP record player and small amp and headphones. These stations are capable of recording from a record or CD to audio cassette tape.
  • 1 TASCAM station that can record from audio cassette or LP records to a CD burner.
  • 1 MAC computer with CD drive, and TOAST software and USB LP record player that can create digital music files. The files can be saved to e-mail, on-line personal storage space, flash drive, or a CD.
  • 2 individual viewing stations with TV monitors and DVD/video players, COMCAST cable.
  • 1 group screening area with a 40" LCD panel TV. Has, video, DVD, and computer capability as well as COMCAST cable.

Media format transfer stations

These stations are first come first serve and make it possible to change formats of media to fit learning and teaching styles. There are instructions with each station and copyright guidelines are listed below.

  • 1 video/DVD station that can play and record different regions in the world with the capability to copy to video or DVD. This station can be used as a viewing station and also has COMCAST cable.
  • 1 station with capability to copy from video to video in real time.  This station can also be used for viewing.
  • 1 cassette tape to cassette tape machine that can copy a two sided tape in about three minutes.
  • 1 CD/DVD duplicator can make copies from non-copyrighted materials such as personal DVD projects or CDs. It will display a file error if one tries to copy a copyrighted DVD.

Copyright Disclaimer

All stations located within the Sound and Image Library are intended to provide means for copying required academic assignments, academic work or personal projects under academic fair use. Any other use is an infringement of the copyright law. Any copying of commercially made materials for non-academic use without the permission or previous arrangements from the copyright holder is considered illegal. You as the user of this equipment can be held liable for any mis-use of equipment. Additionally, Washington state regulations prohibit the use of this equipment for personal gain.